Millennia photography was established in 1996 with the idea of creating portraiture that would be unique and diverse in style and concept.  In working and studying many highly trained photographers over the years, whose work I admired and respected, I realized that something was missing nevertheless. A uniqueness and spontaneity was lacking in the industry because so many were using standard traditional lighting and posing.

In working in the cosmetology and make-over profession in my years here and abroad, I have had the privelege to work with professional models and their agents, who constantly seek something new and exiting in their advertising photos. . With this experience, I decided I would not follow standard anything and create my images to bring out and portray the individuality of each and everyone of my photo clients.

Being in the cosmetology field I have been fortunate to study the best angles, lighting and body positions of each individual  and see that allowing people to be themselves, while giving them a few pointers, only transforms their portrait from what could have been a frozen cold overly posed depiction into a beautiful, natural and attractive representation of not only how they want to be seen, but more importantly, how they view themselves.

Millennia photography has been recognized for its non-traditional style by major magazines and advertising companies over the years and now we are re-inventing ourselves with Millennia photography 2, in which we will be at times a bit more avant guarde, yet at the same time, remain in keeping with the tradition of a classic photo creation without the need for exaggerated digital photoshopping gimmicks.